Forget the Stuttgart branding, 10 foot by 15 foot (3 meter by 4.5 meter) plunge pools integrated into every unit’s balcony, the massive square footage, the 20 foot (6 meter) high ceilings, the remote controlled toilets, and the panoramic views of the Atlantic. The Porsche Design Tower is interesting because of its one party trick: the Dezervator. Yes, the developer has named the building’s elevators after himself, and they’re patented. That is the sole reason that this tower has caught the public’s eye. The contraption is incredibly decadent, but an admittedly impressive engineering feat that makes the building’s floor plan quite intriguing.


The Dezervator is a fully automated car elevator

The Dezervator is a fully automated car elevator powered by electricity and hydraulics (there’s currently no plan to power them off any alternative to the South Floridian grid). Three Dezervators whose energy-hogging acrobatics operate independently of one another cleverly meet in adjoined circles occupying the hollow concrete core of the tower. Inhabitants can drive their automobiles right into the building and get transported directly up to their condominium all without leaving their car or having to deal with a valet. The building contains 284 apartment-adjacent parking spaces for its residences, allowing owners to leave up to four cars (in the more expensive units) right at their 50th floor doorstep. The Dezervator finally fulfills the long held gear-head fetish of being able to “sleep with your sports car.” According to Curbed Miami, Dezer claims that the gimmick has seduced no less than 22 billionaires (over 1.2% of the world’s total!) who have purchased units in the tower, which opens in a few months.

The Dezervator